While manufacturing off-shore offers significant cost advantages in labor and materials, it is not always practical or possible to manufacture certain products in these locations. This may be the result of leadtime, volume, or restricted activiites and require that your products remain in the USA. These may also be products that are not core to your skilled production base that you desire to outsource for reduced costs. CoreLinc has established contract manufacturing and kitting services in support of these activies. We are able to provide low cost US manufacturing/kitting by utilizing unique labor incentives and resources available in our area, keeping our overhead extremely low and manufacturing in a lean environment. Products we currently support include manufacturing fiber optic assemblies and kits oriented for the telecommunications industry.
Contract Manufacturing and Kitting
For all of your engineering and development needs, CoreLinc can help. From concept/prototype to ready for market we can assist in your development cycle. With our unique supplier partnerships we can help you develop a product that is manufacturer friendly saving you cost and establishing a product line that is sustainable. We can take your concept or product sample, provide drawings, develop first article samples and verify performance to your standards.
"more than a source,
a sourcing strategy"
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Implementing ISO 9001
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